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An Introduction to the GMAT: a Kick-off Session to Offer All-round Preparation!

One of our basics and beliefs is that we never stop learning in life. As such, we highly value every opportunity given to offer education for those who seek to further their career paths or venture new career directions. Professionals aren’t made from a singular mold. They may explore various walks of life before discovering new and unexpected talents. Their true calling can be discovered by detour, or they may even rise to the occasion after a life-altering epiphany. As such, taking an interest in our MaastrichtMBA programme without the credentials of a master’s degree doesn’t mean one’s dream or ambition has to end before it’s even begun. Quite the opposite, actually!

If you don’t have a master’s degree but feel strongly about following our MaastrichtMBA programme, taking the GMAT will be part of your admission process. The Graduate Management Admission Test will address a number of skills that are required to become a successful MaastrichtMBA student and advanced professional. You can expect assessments of analytical reading and writing, solving-problem abilities, critical reasoning and data sufficiency questions. In order to help you prepare for your GMAT exam and give you a chance to learn from our experience and expertise, we occasionally organise GMAT kick-off sessions or workshops, presented by Ron Jacobs, our International Projects Manager. Our last kick-off session was on October 20th.

Like in our MBA programme, we strongly adhere to the added value of small groups. On the 20th, we hosted a kick-off session for six prospective MaastrichtMBA candidates. Ron Jacobs welcomed the group and explained this session’s purpose and the significance of GMAT. “The line of questioning is compatible with the qualities of a business professional. We launched these sessions to help you get acquainted with the test’s structure, answer any of your questions and provide you with a certain sense of control, to help build confidence that you can pass this exam. By preparing yourself thoroughly for the GMAT, you’ll also be reintroduced, if necessary, to the rhythm of having to study again, which is relevant if you’ll start our MaastrichtMBA programme.”

The benefit of working interactively in small groups proves itself in the following hour of the session. As Ron presents each section and its questions, the candidates make notes, discuss the answers and which steps to take to answer correctly. The mathematical input in some parts is just a means to get through the assessments, but it comes highly recommended to brush up on your basic math if you’re not using it at work frequently.

For each section, Ron offers some valuable advice on how to best approach a question and what would be the best format to answer. To carefully read, to be logical and practical is very important and a key to succeeding in passing this test. The participants were glad for having joined this kick-off session that helped them pave the way to a thorough preparation for the GMAT.