The MaastrichtMBA goes to Frankfurt to meet new prospective MBA students

Meeting Professionals in Frankfurt and London

Last month the MaastrichtMBA team went out for a little promotional tour abroad to meet qualified professionals in Germany and England who consider starting their executive MBA on short term; a deliberate move since the MaastrichtMBA is gaining more and more attention from abroad. Over the past 12 months, we have added 18 new nationalities to the programme and it is our ambition to grow the attractiveness beyond the borders even further in future.

Our foreign exploration led to quite some interesting meet-and-greets with professionals in Frankfurt and London who were exploring their options for an executive MBA.

“Maastricht… why should we come to you?”

was one of the very first and frequently posed questions we received. Yes, it is a small city and yes, at first sight it seems too far away for most busy professionals whose time to travel should be kept at a minimum. However, a brief conversation about the MaastrichtMBA has taught our interlocutors otherwise. Maastricht is an international destination with London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Frankfurt all within a close reach. It is a city that is renowned for its diverse student population, a true “UniverCity”. Coming to Maastricht means meeting professionals that hail from all over the world. Joining the MaastrichtMBA means getting a multinational, multicultural learning experience all around.

“Does the benefit of internationality outweigh the travel distance?”

was the next question that came to mind at most of the fair’s attendees. “YES it does and NO it does not!” would be our answer. For once, there is no real distance impracticality since participants in the MaastrichtMBA only need to visit our campus four times a year for one full week of class sessions. Besides, it is obviously not only the international atmosphere that builds a unique learning experience. Maastricht University School of Business and Economics is renowned for its innovative, small-scale learning approach. Creating a setting that stimulates active dialogues between experienced professionals is what we do best. It is this “co-creation of knowledge” that sets us apart from other programmes. Co-creation through the sharing of knowledge and experience between professionals and translating the implications to their own workplace. And our teaching faculty? We rather see them as coaches that guide the conversations and add valuable insights from ground-breaking research to provide participants with additional food for thought.

After our little MBA tour last week, we still realise that initial conversations won’t suffice to convince anyone, as the proverbial proof of the pudding is in the eating. This is why we cordially invite everyone to give it a go in Maastricht before making a big decision. Join the MBA Class Experience on November 27th and be a MaastrichtMBA student for one afternoon. Afterwards, you are allowed to see for yourself whether the juice of our programme is worth the squeeze!