MaastrichtMBA Class Experience

No good theory without good practice

It’s a topic that kept everyone on their toes during the whole session. How creativity and entrepreneurship can be matched and proven fruitful, perhaps even in a conservative business environment. For Nadine Kiratli, this was her first introduction to a MaastrichtMBA student audience and non-purchasing professionals. After sharing her background and connection to Maastricht University, from a Business and Economics student to her PhD research and current tenure track as an Assistant Professor, the conversation and feedback within the group would become central as a lead over the course of the day.

Is creativity a new buzz-word?

Creativity in the workplace, in entrepreneurship, raises a lot of questions. Is creativity manageable and if so, how? Often people confuse creativity with innovation, so in order to make clear what the difference is, the group was asked to share their views on the concept of creativity. “A new way of doing business that adds value,” says one of the students. “Having an open mind to a solution of a problem, even if it is new to the company,” another student chips in. “It’s a thought process of developing new ideas.” “Creativity is recombining things that are considered not to be combined.” The answers were diverse and creative in their own right and all seemed to steer into the same direction: how to develop novel and meaningful business solutions? Nadine then posed a series of suppositions to which the group had to respond by individually choosing one out of two or three given options. After, they had to explain and validate their choice. An example: are people born creative (nature) or is it something that can be taught (nurture)?

Class experience

The lively session beheld a promise for the rest of the afternoon in which the students would engage in practical assignments involving entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. For this particular instance, a selected group of professionals interested in joining the MaastrichtMBA were invited to join the afternoon session with the students and experience the real thing before making a final application decision for the MaastrichtMBA.

We spoke to Manuel and Ralph, two of the prospective students who were present that day and we asked them about their findings afterwards. Manuel participated in the first MBA Click & Connect Webinar on April 18th, which triggered his curiosity and helped him to register for the Class Experience. He and Ralph both work in a financial environment. Both are drawn to the MaastrichtMBA by its strong leadership skills development trajectory and the modular set-up which allows them to easily schedule study and work. Manuel was also particularly interested in the applicability of the programme, whether it is possible to obtain a new job, even before graduation. A question that could easily be answered by any of the students and alumni who have found new positions while studying. It’s encouraged to bring your job experience to the MBA programme and vice versa: practice what you learn, on the work floor. While Manuel was on “home turf” as a former UM student, Ralph has a different background with a strong commitment to be part of growth and change in society; a goal that can certainly be achieved with the MaastrichtMBA.