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BCP Defense Jaroslav Vlček

On Monday, June 25, Jaroslav Vlček completed the MBA successfully by defending his BCP. The BCP topic of Jaroslav was “How to become a Customer of Choice through Creative Procurement”. His assessors were Boris Blumberg, Nadine Kiratli and Frank Rozemeijer. We would like to congratulate Jaroslav again and wish him all the best for a magnificent future! […]

Introducing our MaastrichtMBA students to Service Science

Innovative thinking is an important part of the MaastrichtMBA program, in particular through the module ‘Sustaining Competitive Advantage’. In this module, UMIO’s Service Science Factory (SSF) provides participants with the necessary mind-set, processes and tools to improve the innovation capacity of their organisation. This is far from a theoretical exercise. Because participants practice service design […]

New and Extended Accreditations for MaastrichtMBA

We’re happy to share the news that the MaastrichtMBA has been granted NVAO accreditation (by the nederlands-vlaamse accreditatieorganisatie). On top of the existing international Triple Crown accreditation of AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA, this confirms that UMIO’s MaastrichtMBA is among the best in the world. The NVAO accreditation is an important national quality seal. It also […]

A Summery MaastrichtMBA Week

The last week of May provided us with a summery backdrop for the MaastrichtMBA week which was focused on the subjects of the international and digital environment in which companies operate. For the organising team too, it’s always a very rewarding experience to experience the upbeat mood, enthusiasm and special vibe that’s generated by the […]

BCP Defense Dick Oomen

On Wednesday January 24, Dick Oomen completed the MBA successfully by defending his BCP (Business-IT Alignment in SMEs – The Development of a Framework) in front of Boris Blumberg, Laury Bollen and Anant Joshi. We would like to congratulate Dick Oomen again and wish him all the best for a magnificent future! But why did he choose for […]

Top 40 Corporate Knights Ranking for the MaastrichtMBA

The MaastrichtMBA has once again appeared in the Top 40 of Corporate Knights’ Better World MBA Ranking, placing 37th in the world. According to Corporate Knights, a Canadian-based magazine focusing on “clean capitalism”, this placement confirms the MaastrichtMBA’s status as “one of the top programmes in the world to deliver sustainability education to future business […]

UMIO’s MaastrichtMBA Welcomes 2017 graduates!

September 29th meant a festive day at UMIO and another special moment for our thirteen MaastrichtMBA students receiving their official MBA degree on the campus of Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. For more than two years, they managed to balance work and private life with an inspiring yet demanding learning trajectory. Graduation Day […]

The dos and don’ts of starting your own business

His information technology and software company Kabisa won the NRC Carrière Helden award 2016/2017, which is a Dutch award for being an outstanding employer by, for example, offering the best possible talent development and working conditions for employees.  While being your own boss and starting a company is one thing, hiring staff and being an employer is quite another story.

“You don’t need a plan but you do need a client!”

With a big smile, Harm de Laat glanced over the collective group of MBA students. Not too long ago, he actually was one of them, a MaastrichtMBA student participating in an educational week. In his introduction talk he mentioned MBA director Boris Blumberg approached him to host a presentation and share his experience, as a fresh graduate and seasoned entrepreneur. It is a perfect fit for this particular week, featuring Entrepreneurship and New Business Development.

No good theory without good practice

It’s a topic that kept everyone on their toes during the whole session. How creativity and entrepreneurship can be matched and proven fruitful, perhaps even in a conservative business environment. For Nadine Kiratli, this was her first introduction to a MaastrichtMBA student audience and non-purchasing professionals. After sharing her background and connection to Maastricht University, from a Business and Economics student to her PhD research and current tenure track as an Assistant Professor, the conversation and feedback within the group would become central as a lead over the course of the day.

Is creativity a new buzz-word?

Creativity in the workplace, in entrepreneurship, raises a lot of questions. Is creativity manageable and if so, how? Often people confuse creativity with innovation, so in order to make clear what the difference is, the group was asked to share their views on the concept of creativity. “A new way of doing business that adds value,” says one of the students. “Having an open mind to a solution of a problem, even if it is new to the company,” another student chips in. “It’s a thought process of developing new ideas.” “Creativity is recombining things that are considered not to be combined.” The answers were diverse and creative in their own right and all seemed to steer into the same direction: how to develop novel and meaningful business solutions? Nadine then posed a series of suppositions to which the group had to respond by individually choosing one out of two or three given options. After, they had to explain and validate their choice. An example: are people born creative (nature) or is it something that can be taught (nurture)?

Entrepreneurship is an attitude

The last Breakfast Booster before the summer break had to be something special. Prof. Dr. Paul Iske, one of our business school’s professors, would certainly live up to that promise in a very engaging way with lots of humour. He founded the Institute of Brilliant Failures to create more awareness for the complex relationship between innovation and entrepreneurship, and how failures can be beneficial to future success. This morning we learned that failure is not a bad thing. Quite the opposite even!

Prof. Dr. Paul Iske started with an anecdote about the pointer he needed for his presentation but had forgotten at home. He then downloaded a pointer app for his phone which turned out to work brilliantly. It was a crowded room at Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt, and a good lift off for a talk about the stigma of failure, and how to change one’s perception and attitude.