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From the Head to the Heart

Each graduation ceremony is different, despite for its reoccurring rituals and attire. It’s the people involved that make the difference: graduates who during their MBA learning journey sometimes reached the limits of their time management skills, or found themselves at unexpected crossroads having to make tough decisions. And yet they made it to the MaastrichtMBA finish line, marking a new chapter, a new beginning in their professional lives.

Seven graduates were welcomed in the Auditorium of Maastricht University, this Friday afternoon the 30th of September. Their spouses, family and friends welcomed them with smiles and applause while they took their front-row seats. All men this time around, as Prof. dr. Mariëlle Heijltjes, Director of Postgraduate Education noticed in her speech, in which she emphasised this academic year’s theme Community at the CORE and the meaning of the word community for the MBA programme, its students and graduates. Her words coincided with the arrival of some current MBA students who had a few minutes to spare in between their class sessions. They sat in and watched the ceremony, and caught a glimpse of what would one day be their very own graduation ceremony.

Reinventing Leadership at Daimler

What leadership practices will allow us to succeed and excel in our business for the years to come? A common question for many organisations around the globe, but an extremely imperative one for one of the world’s largest automotive corporations. On Thursday afternoon, September 29th, Uwe Steinwender, Leadership Development Executive at Daimler AG, is engagingly addressing the group of more than 50 MaastrichtMBA students who gathered in one room for this week’s joint session in an MBA module that is all about understanding organisations in times of change. A highly interesting and intriguing workshop it turned out to be, as was testified by the many questions and numerous dialogues that arose among the participants.

Futurising the Business through Service Innovation

Each of our Breakfast Booster events serves a nourishing cocktail of great food, useful knowledge and room for casual networking. A formula that proves its value every time. Familiar faces and MaastrichtMBA alumni, but also first-time participants were drawn by the theme of this breakfast event. How to improve your business and customer relations always strikes a chord. Dr. Dominik Mahr, Scientific Director of Maastricht University’s Service Science Factory (SSF) and Associate Professor at the School of Business and Economics hosted this Breakfast Booster workshop about service innovation and service design. The SSF was founded in 2011 for that exact purpose, to bring together science and experience, education and business. They seek enhancement of value-added services by forging alliances between the core competences of a company and what their customers and audiences expect or desire.

Learning as It Should Be!

While our current MBA students were already enjoying their well-earned vacation time, our MaastrichtMBA team was in full focus of welcoming an intake of fourteen new students from different backgrounds and countries. Pia Camardese, our MBA Programme Coordinator, helped initiate the three day MBA Introduction Programme. Workshops and lectures carrying the reoccurring theme of improving leadership skills, accordingly interspersed with R&R intermezzi and a nourishing lunch, kept our new group of students busy as well as entertained.

“We’re thrilled with this new group,” Pia said, right before the final day about efficient learning would start. “The students are engaged, involved and very motivated,” and she continued by mentioning there are seven nationalities represented in the group. “We have students from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Zambia and China, which will no doubt provide for an interesting student ambiance and learning experience.”

Taste of Knowledge Event: The Impact of Innovation

Since the inception of academic life in Maastricht, four decades ago, the university has grown exponentially. As one of the youngest universities in the Netherlands, Maastricht University (UM) also ranks as the most international in the country. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that collaboration with others is one of the main pillars on which […]

It’s Fun to Just Have Some Fun!

The buzz at Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics (SBE) campus had been festive for quite some time, ever since the end of this academic year came closer. Plans were being made, vacation trips discussed, and in between it all the serious side called upon tying up loose ends and focusing on the few […]

MBA Class Experience: a Taste of the Future

During the week of 23-27 May, we welcomed our MaastrichtMBA students back on campus for a diverse programme designed to shed light on the international environment of business. What better opportunity than to invite prospective students to participate in our MBA and get an exclusive taste for a whole day!

The real thing…

Our staff selected seven candidates who were welcomed by Ron Jacobs, our MBA Marketing Manager. Among them was Claudia Moreno from Colombia. She currently resides in Dortmund, Germany where she works as an industrial engineer in a technical environment.

European Governance and Integration: Work in Progress

Midweek, Wednesday afternoon May 25. It was the one time that week all MaastrichtMBA students left their small-scale teaching classes to join forces and attend a keynote session by Prof. dr. Michael Kaeding, professor in European Politics and EU Integration. The atmosphere was great, relaxed, and very lively, so Kaeding felt comfortable to approach the group […]

The Economics Perspective

In the week of 23-27 May, our programme focuses on the international environment of business. We talked to Tom van Veen, Professor in Economics of International Education, about what students can expect in this week as well as what kind of issues they may encounter in the context of their professional capacity. For Tom van […]

Students Representing Students: The Bigger Picture

Ever since the MaastrichtMBA programme in its current format was launched, the number of professionals taking an interest grows with each application and intake. To safeguard a smooth and effective communication and evaluation process, it was decided to appoint two student representatives who would fulfil various intermediary tasks during the course of their two-year programme. […]