The Rise Of Social Exchange Systems – Money Free Exchanges Free For All

In this excursion you learn about currencies as a service concept, a recent subfield of financial innovations. You learn how technology flips big business into a global household and what it does to your money. How your entire economy got hijacked and what your bank does while you are still sound asleep. What engineers think about the nature of reality and the bias of scientists who never had a training in the arts. You learn about a seemingly impossible invention in the age of technological reproduction and its consequences for todays information hunters. And if this is not enough, you learn what social exchange systems are, how they can be employed and why they are more important than ever before.

You are cordially invited to take part in this discussion on October 3rd together with workshop facilitator Bernd Kapeller.

Bernd Kapeller

Kapeller Bernd Alexander raised from Paternion, Austria. After graduating from the university of Salzburg and South Korea he started as producer and video journalist. Currently he works as web content coordinator in Maastricht. He developed a social exchange platform ( together with PREMIUM students.

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